How much space do you need?

We have many different size storage units, but here are 6 of our most popular.
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Locker 300x223


Single wardrobe

25ft 300x223

25 sq ft

Standard garden shed or small transit size van

70 small boxes or 25 large boxes

50ft 300x223

50 sq ft

Studio or small 1 bed flat or half a standard garage

Business: Office equipment, inventory

100 300x223

100 sq ft

2 bedroom flat or a long-wheelbase Luton van

Business: 2 office spaces, boxes, furniture

150ft 300x223

150 sq ft

3 bedroom house or flat

Business: 3 office spaces, boxes, furniture

200ft 300x223

200 sq ft

4 bedroom house or flat, double size garage

Business: 3-4 office spaces, boxes, furniture

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